Tictail: originals, prints + printed stuff

I’m selling original artwork, as well as some prints and print-on-demand t-shirts, sweatshirts, iphone cases and tote bags at my Tictail shop here. Originals are priced pretty arbitrarily based on how much I like it. Feel free to contact me if there’s something you’d like to see there (but keep in mind I do not sell prints or products of fanart).

Since Tictail just got sold to Shopify, and Shopify’s rates are not an option for me, this shop will probably not be around for long.

Inprnt: prints

Some other prints here at Inprnt.

Gumroad: PDFs

There are some pay-what-you-want PDFs of some of my old work over at Gumroad.

Don’t want to buy anything but want to help me out? Earn my eternal gratitude and toss me a buck or two.
I can’t make any promises that not being quite so broke all the time will equal more art from me, but it couldn’t hurt, right? xoxo